Economic Cooperation


Overview of Economic and Developmental Assistance from Japan to Palau

Economic development in Palau has faced various challenges because of its dispersed territories and small marketplaces that are geographically far away from international markets. In addition, a lack of adequate financial, technical and human resources hinder Palau from developing its economy.
Japan has supported Palau for more than 40 years as a historically, culturally and geopolitically important partner. The Japan-Palau Friendship Bridge completed in 2002 represents Japan’s long-lasting assistances and friendship. The bridge is now an essential facility for daily transportation in Palau.
Japan’s assistance policy is defined in the “Country Assistance Policy” and “Rolling Plan”, which the Government of Japan and Palau revise regularly. Recently, Japan’s assistances have put importance on ocean & maritime security, infrastructure, industries and climate changes. Key institutions carrying out assistances vary from Ministry of Foreign Affairs or JICA to international organizations or NGOs. The length of each project varies as well from one-year Grassroots Grant Projects to construction projects for more than three years.
Japan will continue to support Palau by investigating its economic and social needs and combining appropriate schemes in order to implement projects that are beneficial for all people in Palau.

Recently Completed and Ongoing Projects

The Embassy of Japan Held its First Official Press Tour in December 2022

1) Infrastructure
2) Ocean and Maritime Security  
3) Medical  
4) Climate Change, Environment and Disaster Resilience
5) Industries