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Japan Fair

Japan Fair is an event with a goal to promote the bond of friendship between Japan and Palau. This event started in 2010 and is usually held in February every year. Stage performances and activity booths are organized to introduce Japanese culture to the people of Palau. The Embassy works with the Ministry of Education and local groups such as the Japanese Language School, Palau Judo Federation, JICA volunteers to put this event together. Depending on availability, various groups in Japan are also invited to participate in the event by showcasing Japanese culture on stage or conducting workshops of Japanese arts and crafts.

13th Japan Fair

Past events

Ikebana Event

Ikebana is the Japanese Art of flower arrangement. The first Ikebana event was held in 2014 with Japanese Ikebana Artist, Ms. Koen Yokoi. After that, the event tookplace in 2017 and 2019 respectively, with another Ikebana workshop and live performance show by Yokoi Sensei. Ikebana makes you appreciate all parts and all kinds of plants, while you create your own unique arrangement. Past participants of this event have learned various styles of flower arrangements such as nageire, moribana and how to create a Japanese rock garden.

Past events