Embassy of Japan signs the Third Year “Kensing” Project Grant Contract with Peace Winds Japan for the NCDs Prevention Project in Palau


On November 2, 2023, the Ambassador of Japan to the Republic of Palau, ORIKASA Hiroyuki, and Peace Winds Japan, represented by Ms. POORMAN Mariko, Headquarters Sub-manager, signed a grant contract for “Provision of Mobile Medical Clinics and Medical Examination on a Hospital Ship, Prevention of Non-Communicable Diseases (3rd Year)” at the Embassy of Japan in Palau.
Initially launched in 2021, the so-called Kensing Project aims to reduce the risk of Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs) in Palau through regular health screenings and awareness raising campaigns in partnership with the Ministry of Health and Human Services and the state governments.
"The third-year grant contract signifies Japan’s willingness and commitment to prevent NCDs in Palau in partnership with the Ministry of Health and Human Services, without which the project cannot achieve its objectives,” said Ambassador Orikasa at the signing ceremony. “The project aims to support our Palauan counterparts in achieving the common goal of preventing NCDs, which place a significant burden on the daily lives of the people of Palau. In order to combat these preventable diseases, Peace Winds Japan’s Kensing Project, continues to provide screening services and NCDs prevention awareness raising activities for the people of Palau, while reducing the financial burden on the government’s health budget,” continued Ambassador Orikasa.
The Peace Winds Japan travels not only to Babeldaob and Koror but also to the northern and southern islands of Palau with the Kensing Ship to conduct screenings. Ms. Poorman, Peace Winds Japan Headquarters Sub-manager, said: “NCDs such as heart disease, cancer, and diabetes are issues that cause a high burden of disability and premature death. There is no single answer to preventing NCDs, but we believe that regular screening combined with increased awareness of risk factors would help in the early detection and prevention of the common NCDs.”
The third year of the Kensing project will begin on December 1st 2023 until the end of November 2024, when the Kensing ship is expected to be handed over to the Government of Palau, and continue to provide health screenings with Peace Winds.