Belau Modekngei School to Start Hands-on Labs and Experiments through Japan’s Grassroots Grant Project


On Feburary 6, 2024, His Excellency ORIKASA Hiroyuki Ambassador of Japan to Palau, Honorable Andrew Tabelual, Chairman of the Senate Education Committee, Mr. Yuri Henry, Principal of Belau Modeknei School, students, teachers and community members attended a handover ceremony of “The Project for Constructing a Science Laboratory in Belau Modekngei School” to celebrate the handing over of the science laboratory and related equipment and tools for science education.
At Belau Modekngei School, students were receiving science education without a science lab, but through Japan’s Grant Assistance for Grassroots Human Security Projects (GGP), Belau Modekngei School students and teachers received a newly constructed science laboratory, and related equipment and tools for scientific laboratory experiments.
In addition to the laboratory, Ms. MIURA Rina, the JICA volunteer specializing in science education, has been working at Belau Modekngei School since July 2023. Students and teachers at the school will benefit from the synergy of the JICA volunteer and the laboratory and equipment provided by the GGP, which is expected to bring about effective and inspiring science education.
“Science is a subject that allows students to explore the world around them and discover what is not always evident by actively engaging in hands-on labs and experiments. Scientific literacy plays an essential role in making informed decision about your personal, social and civic lives,” said Ambassador Orikasa. “I remain hopeful that this GGP project will motivate students of this school to work harder,” Ambassador Orikasa added.
Since 1999, the Embassy of Japan in Palau has been working with various Palauan organizations, including schools, local governments and NGOs, to implement the GGPs for communities in Palau. For more information on GGP, call 488-6455 or visit the Embassy of Japan website at