Palau’s Goodwill Ambassador Ms. SAKUMA Hiroko visits Belau Modekngei High School and ECO Paradise FM


During her visit to Palau, Japanese singer-songwriter, Ms. SAKUMA Hiroko held a concert in Belau Modekngei High School on Tuesday January 23, 2024. Principal Henry Yuri stated in his welcoming remarks that he is very happy that his school was selected as the concert venue and expressed appreciation to Ms. Sakuma as well as the Embassy of Japan. Around 50 people came out to see Ms. Sakuma perform. The attendees consisted of students, staff, board members of the school, and people from the community.

Ms. Sakuma’s concert began with a song well known amongst Palauans called “Michizure” by MAKIMURA Mieko followed by Ms. MISORA Hibari’s songs called “Omatsuri Mambo” and “Makka Na Taiyo.” She also performed songs that she composed herself such as “Tsukarenaos.” Ms. Sakuma said to the audience that she was inspired to make this song because of the many Japanese words still used in the Palauan language. Ms. Sakuma then sang “Ue o Muite Arukou,” with the audience singing along with her. She brought the concert to a close with a song that she wrote titled “Umarete Kara” which expresses one’s appreciation to people who have played an important role in making them who they are today. Ms. Sakuma expressed her great joy when she heard the audience sing along with her. Before the conclusion of the concert, Principal Henry Yuri gifted Ms. SAKUMA Hiroko a storyboard as a sign of appreciation for performing at Belau Modekngei High School.

After the concert, Ms. SAKUMA Hiroko made a brief appearance at ECO Paradise Radio (87.9 FM). She was then live on air with Mr. Rondy Ronny, who interviewed her about her musical career. She touched on how music influenced her, the style of music that she plays, and also her radio program called “Hiroko no Otobeya” (Hiroko’s Sound Room). Ms. Sakuma then sang 3 songs live on air; “Ue o Muite Arukou,” “Machibito,” and “Tsukarenaos.” Ms. Sakuma expressed her appreciation to Mr. Rondy Ronny for having her adding that she would like to continue working with ECO Paradise FM and that she hopes to come back to Palau in the future. Ms. SAKUMA Hiroko was appointed Goodwill Ambassador by President SURANGEL Whipps Jr. on January 21st, 2024.