Signing Ceremony of the Japan’s Grant Assistance for Grassroots Human Security Project to Palau Public Utilities Corporation


On December 23, 2022, Ambassador of Japan Hiroyuki Orikasa and Chief Executive Officer of Palau Public Utilities Corporation  (PPUC) Frank Kyota signed the contract for “The Project for the Procurement of Vacuum Truck to Palau Public Utilities Corporation Wastewater Operations” worth $182,800. The ceremony was held at Embassy of Japan and witnessed by the representatives manager, mechanical engineer of Wastewater Operations, and other staff of PPUC.
PPUC is the only government-related institution responsible for managing water, sewage and power supply in Palau. The sewage network managed by PPUC is connected to almost all residential and commercial areas in Koror State, with a total length of about 50km. Sewage is collected in the main pipe and sent to the sewage treatment plant in Malakal, located at the southern tip of Koror State. A total of 43 sewage pump facilities have been installed in each region of the state to send sewage to pipes, and vacuum trucks patrol each facility to periodically suck up sludge that causes clogging of the pumps. Therefore, it is imperative that appropriate sewage treatment is performed.
However, PPUC currently has only one deteriorated vacuum truck, which frequently needs maintenance. As a result, there are frequent incidents where sewage flows into roads and the sea, which is not only a public health threat affecting the health of residents, but also an impact on the tourism industry in Koror State.
In light of these urgent issues, the Embassy of Japan in Palau, based on a request from the PPUC, has utilized the “Grassroots Grant Aid” scheme to provide emergency assistance directly linked to human security by means of financial support for the provision of one vacuum truck. The contract amount is USD 182,800 (JPY 19,742,400), and is the first grassroots project for PPUC.
During the ceremony, Ambassador Orikasa expressed, “I am pleased to present today a contract for assistance in areas directly related to human security and procurement. After being granted, I believe PPUC will use Vacuum Truck efficiently while performing good maintenance.” PPUC CEO Kyota said, “This assistance is very timely and useful for us. From the Board and Management of PPUC and the people of Palau, we are very grateful for this and will continue to strengthen the relationship.”
The Government of Japan launched GGP in 1999 to meet development needs in grassroots activities in Palau. The Embassy of Japan has signed 94 grant contracts with schools, hospitals, state governments and NGOs. For further information about GGP, please contact 488-6455 or visit the Embassy of Japan website at