Exchange of Notes on Additional Payments for the Construction of National Landfill Project


On April 15th 2021, a signing ceremony for Exchange of Notes on additional payments for the construction of National Landfill Project was held in Ministry of State in the Capitol, Melekeok. The ceremony was attended by Vice President and Minister of State Sengebau Senior, Ambassador Karasawa, and JICA Palau Office Chief Representative Mr. Kobayashi and other officials of Palau and Japan.


The new national landfill was completed on November 19th 2020 and already started its operation since February 2021, accepting wastes from 10 states in Babeldaob Island. Meanwhile, the COVID-19 pandemic raised difficulties in transportation of essential experts and equipment for the construction, leading to a 4-month delay of the completion and an increase in the total cost of the project from 1.31 billion yen (11.9 million USD) to 1.33 billion yen (12.1 million USD). The Government of Japan exceptionally decided to make additional payments for 19 million yen (0.2 million USD), considering the recent financial challenges of the Government of Palau.


In the ceremony, Vice President and Minister of State Sengebau Senior stated that it was her first memorable signing ceremony and expressed her gratitude to the Government of Japan for the additional payments. Ambassador Karasawa congratulated once more on the completion of the landfill despite many difficulties in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic and conveyed his hope that the landfill would be used for a long time.

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