Japan-Palau Alumni Series: Vol.5 Mr. Anthony Rudimch


Mr. Anthony Rudimch, an accomplished alumnus of the Japanese government's MEXT scholarship program, has a remarkable story of determination and achievement. His educational journey, spanning from 2010 to 2013, took him from language school in Osaka to the Chuo College of Technology in Tokyo, where he pursued his passion for civil engineering.
One of the most significant challenges Mr. Rudimch faced during his time in Japan was mastering the Japanese language. However, his perseverance paid off, and today he can speak the language so fluently that he can use it during work project meetings.
After completing his studies, in 2013, Mr. Rudimch returned to Palau, with the goal of working at PPUC (Palau Public Utilities Corporation). Though there were no job vacancies at the time, he seized the opportunity to gain valuable experience through an internship. This decision opened doors to even more remarkable opportunities.
During his internship, he was selected to participate in a JICA (Japan International Cooperation Agency) training program, further enhancing his skills and knowledge. Upon his return, his dedication and hard work led to a series of promotions, from a lab assistant to a junior engineer, and ultimately to the position of a project manager at PPUC.
Mr. Rudimch's experience studying in Japan played a crucial role in his professional success. His ability to communicate fluently in Japanese facilitated smooth collaboration on projects involving Japan, further contributing to his career growth.
Among his cherished memories from Japan, one stands out - attending a wrestling tournament hosted by the late Antonio Inoki, where he had the privilege of sitting in the front row. Mr. Inoki has been known for his efforts to promote exchange between Palau and Japan during his lifetime.
Additionally, he developed a fondness for gyudon (beef bowl) a popular Japanese meal. He loved it so much that he ordered two bowls at once.
Even after completing his education, Mr. Rudimch's ties with Japan remain strong. He has returned to Japan for work-related trips, demonstrating the lasting impact of his MEXT scholarship experience. He is a strong advocate for more young Palauans to explore the opportunities offered by studying in Japan, believing that it can be a transformative experience leading to remarkable personal and professional growth.
Mr. Anthony Rudimch's journey is an indication to the transformative power of education and international experiences, illustrating how dedication and hard work can lead to extraordinary success, bridging cultures and paving the way for a brighter future.

Photo taken with Mr. Antonio Inoki. Mr. Inoki is in the center left and Mr. Rudimch on the left.