Cultural Exchanges between the People of Palau and the crew of Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force's destroyer SHIRANUI



     From Wednesday, July 26 to Thursday, July 27, the crew of Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force (JMSDF) destroyer SHIRANUI, anchored in Malakal, Koror, conducted a memorial service and clean-up activities at the former naval cemetery and hosted cultural events with the aim to deepen understanding of the activities of JMSDF for all the residents in Palau.
     On Wednesday, July 26, the JMSDF members led by Rear Admiral NISHIYAMA Takahiro, Commamder, Escort Flotilla One, visited the former naval cemetery in Koror with ORIKASA Hiroyuki, Ambassador of Japan and offered flowers to the cenotaph for the war dead of the Pacific War. Members of the JMSDF also cleaned the cemetery, deepening their understanding of the history of Japan-Palau relations.
     Following the cemetery activities, 4 crew members of SHIRANUI offered judo instruction to students of the Palau Judo Federation. The event was attended by Ms. Jennifer Anson, President of the Palau Judo Federation, Rear Admiral Nishiyama and Ambassador Orikasa. During the event, the SHIRANUI crew demonstrated judo techniques and the students engaged in a “randori” (freestyle match) training with the crew, which excited the audience. The students, who deepened their relationship with the SHIRANUI crew through the event, commented that they had a very fruitful practice session and wished the crew would come more often.
     On Thursday, July 27, while public tours of SHIRANUI were planned, the tours were unfortunately cancelled due to the severe weather.
     Through these events, our friendship has been further deepened. Japan and Palau continue to cooperate to realize a “Free and Open Indo-Pacific.”