The Ceremony for the Renovation of Palau Nippon Stadium


     On April 27, 2021, the ceremony for the renovation of Palau Nippon Stadium was held at the stadium. The stadium has been well known as Asahi Baseball Field, and it changed the name to Palau Nippon Stadium after the renovation. The main field of Palau Major League had experienced deterioration after being in use for several decades. Nippon Foundation, therefore, stepped up to support its total renovation, and the Government of Japan provided Palau with the support to upgrade its drainage system as a part of the assistance for Our Ocean Conference since the stadium is supposed to be one of the side event venue for the conference.
     The ceremony was attended by President Whipps, Ibedul, Reklai and many other distinguished guests. Ambassador Karasawa made a speech in the ceremony and looked back on the history of baseball exchange between Japan and Palau, and called on the attendees to enjoy a baseball game together in the new stadium.
     We hope that the baseball in Palau and the interaction between Japan and Palau through baseball will be further developed in the future.
Photo Credits to @Alpert Pictures (facebook account)