~”Nikkei” in Palau~ Interview Series: Vol.#10 Mr. Yositaka Adachi


Mr. Yositaka Adachi, age 63 is a Palauan of Japanese descent, born to Mr. Tatsuo Adachi and Satsuko Watanabe who were both second generation Japanese. Happily married with four children and five grandchildren, Mr. Adachi has served as the Administrator of the Civil Service Pension Plan and the Governor of Koror State from 2006 to 2017. His educational background includes a degree in Business Management completed in 2003 at the University of Redlands in San Benardino, California.
Mr. Adachi’s family roots connects him to his grandfather Mr. Teizi Adachi from Yamanobe city of Yamagata Prefecture in Japan. In 2016, when he was the Governor of Koror State, he visited his paternal grandfather’s hometown of Yamanobe city. He had the opportunity to visit his grandfather’s grave and a library “Adachi Memorial Foundation” named after his great uncle Mr. Mineichiro Adachi. He visited a huge water dam in Yamanobe city that was built to support rice farming. He learned that Yamanobe city is famous for “sakurambo” cherry and rice.

His favorite Japanese food includes mentaiko (spicy marinated pollock or cod roe), sashimi, and sushi. When it comes to Japanese music, he particularly admires enka singers such as Misora Hibari and Hashi Yukiwo. During his visit to Japan, Mr. Adachi explored various places including the Imperial Palace, Asakusa street market, and Tokyo FM station. In Okinawa, he visited the Churaumi aquarium as well as tobacco and sugar cane plantations.

Mr. Adachi believes that the relationship between Japan and Palau should continue to be strengthened. Mr. Adachi remains grateful for the significant assistance that the Japanese government has extended to Palau for many years.