Approximately $16 Million (USD) Project for Reduction in Power Outage Hours, and Improved Living Conditions in Koror and Babeldaob island


On March 13, 2024, His Excellency, ORIKASA Hiroyuki, Ambassador of Japan to Palau, His Excellency Surangel S. Whipps Jr., President of the Republic of Palau, Paramount Chief Reklai Raphael B. Ngirmang, Honorable Senator Rukebai Inabo, Honorable Delegate Timothy Sinsak, Honorable Charles Obichang, Minister of Public Infrastructure and Industries (MPII), Mr. Frank Kyota, CEO of Palau Public Utilities Corporation (PPUC), and other distinguished guests attended the groundbreaking ceremony for the “Project for the Development of Power Transmission Network” at Malakal substation.
“This approximately $16 Million (USD) project will allow the people of Palau living in Koror and Babeldaob island to experience a reduction in power outage hours, and thus improved living conditions, thanks to better stability in the power supply,” said Ambassador Orikasa.
The project has three main goals. The first is to strengthen the power grid in Koror and Babeldaob island by installing the second transmission line of approximately thirty-five kilometers between the Malakal power plant-Airai substation and Airai-Kokusai substation, reducing the duration and frequency of power outages. The second is to increase the capacity of electrical transformers from one 10MVA transformer to two 15MVA transformers to effectively and efficiently utilize the electricity generated by power plants, thereby reducing the power loss. Thirdly, the project will improve substation facilities at Malakal power station, Airai substation, and the switchgear at Kokusai substation.
“I strongly hope that this project will contribute not only to stabilizing the power supply in Palau, but also to complementing the power generation from renewable energy sources,” added by Ambassador Orikasa.
To complete the project, the Japanese companies TOENEC, Aichi Electric, and Yachiyo Engineering will work together with PPUC and MPII, deepening the collaborative partnership between relevant personnel from the two countries.
“As stakeholders of this project, we have duties and responsibilities to both the people of Palau and Japan. We shall work hard together and prove to the people of Palau and Japan to make this project a great success.” Ambassador Orikasa concluded.