~Nikkei in Palau ~Interview Series: Vol.8 Mr, Scott Yano


     Mr. Scott Yano is a Palauan of Japanese descent born to Mr. & Mrs. Takeo and Yukie Yano. His paternal grandfather originally from Kamakura city of Kanagawa Prefecture served in the Japanese military. His maternal grandfather is also Japanese and worked as a charcoal maker in Oikull. Mr. Yano hopes that someday he will be able to visit Kamakura, his grandfather`s birthplace.

     Both of Mr. Yano`s parents were fluent in Japanese. His father Takeo knew how to write in Kanji. Mr. Yano only learned a little bit of Japanese while in Mindszenty High School. His mother Yukie was good at making sushi and donuts. Mr. Yano recalls how hardworking his parents were and how their diligence had a great influence on him and his siblings. As a child, he had to walk to school and had regular chores such as gathering firewood. He considers himself to be lucky to have been born in the 1950’s because he learned the importance of working hard growing up in that era.
     Now in his late 60`s, Mr. Yano`s determination to work hard and to make good choices in life are the results of his upbringing which helped him to work in various positions such as Director of Koror State Cultural Affairs overseeing youth programs, culture related programs and public health programs. He also serves as a current Board Member of Palau Community Health Advisory Board since 2006, and Belau National Museum since 1994. Mr. Yano is grateful to both sides of his ancestry and believes that respect and perseverance are embedded in both cultures which has helped him with the accomplishments in his life.
     With the year 2024 marking the 30th anniversary of establishment of diplomatic relations between Japan and Palau, Mr. Yano believes that the ties between the two countries will remain unchanged. He would like for Japan and Palau to maintain a great relationship as they continue moving forward.