Two Palauan Students awarded scholarship to study in Japan


The Government of Japan has accepted two Palauan students, Ms. Berrous Rekemesik and Mr. Kenelly Rekemel to study in Japan under the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology of Japan (MEXT) scholarship. Both students applied for the Specialized Training College Program, a three year program which includes one year of Japanese language studies.
Ms. Rekemesik & Mr. Rekemel will be studying Japanese language at JASSO Osaka Japanese Language Education Center for one year and two years in their respective fields of studies at Kyoto Computer Academy. Both students will depart to Japan on June 11, 2021.
The Japanese Government’s scholarship program became available to Palauan students in 1982, and since then, a total number of 58 Palauans have completed their studies in Japan under the various programs offered by MEXT scholarship. Through these scholarships, MEXT seeks to assist in the development of Palau, and therefore, it is hoped that upon completion of their studies, the recipients will return home and help their country.
The scholarship applications for the school year beginning in April 2022 are now available and the deadline to submit applications is July 2, 2021. Interested applicants may contact the Embassy of Japan @488-6455.