The 61st Birthday Celebration for His Majesty the Emperor of Japan

On February 18th, the Embassy of Japan celebrated the 61st Birthday of His Majesty the Emperor of Japan at Palau Royal Resort. The Embassy welcomed more than 160 guests including His Excellency President Whipps, Ibedul, Reklai, Bilung, Ebilreklai and Vice President and Minister of State Sengebau Senior.
We were fortunate to host this annual event during this time of pandemic in the world, thanks to the fact that Palau has never recorded COVID-19 cases until now.
The reception began with the playing of the national anthems of Japan and Palau,  followed by the speeches given by Ambassador Karasawa and President Whipps. After the toast with Japanese Sake, all the guests were able to enjoy a selection of premium Japanese sake, wine and shochu from various areas in Japan, as well as a variety of food, mainly Japanese cuisine.
We hope that the friendship between Japan and Palau continues to grow through a close interaction of both countries.